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House Clearing:
Beyond Smudging

In every environment, there’s an energy held there from what the people in that space have felt, thought, and experienced in the past.

Who lived in the house before and what energetic baggage have they left behind?

It can be like thick layers of energetic “house dust” from previous occupants that remain to affect how you feel there.

Were they an emotional eater, leaving the imprints of their constant cravings in the house, which can then influence your own discipline with food?

Have previous difficult relationships left negativity lingering there to adversely affect all future relationships?

You have your own problems — why live in a house filled with an energetic residue of the previous owners’ problems? Stress builds up in a home like invisible clutter as it does in the body causing dis-ease. When negative energy is held in your home or office, no matter what the source, it can drain your own energy, stress you, or keep you stuck in life.


Realtor Reasons for Having a Property Cleared:

When the time comes to sell a home the lingering story of the lives lived in the house will keep the home stuck and attached to the previous owners.

  • Clear the ties to the previous owners

  • Assists the staging professional in proper placement of furniture for optimum energy flow

  • Remove residue from furniture previously used in unhealthy environments

  • Clear problems with neighbors especially in condominiums with common walls and hallways.

  • Stimulate energy and excitement for success

  • Get the listing under contract ASAP

  • Remove obstacles for fast and easy closing

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Common reasons people choose to have a space clearing:

  • Create a breakthrough in your life

  • Something just feels “off” and you’re not sure why

  • Stimulate business success

  • Lack of energy, tiredness, or insomnia

  • Feeling blocked in romance or career

  • Difficulties with clutter

  • More easily sell your home

  • Once you’ve moved into a new home

  • Unhappy or traumatic experience in the space

  • Relationship problems

  • Support for health and vitality

  • Ghost or spirit that won’t move on

  • Problems with neighbors

  • Create sacred space for spiritual growth

  • Lineage trauma unraveling

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