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Body Work

The art of massage has been practiced since time immemorial and it is an art ... for there are no two alike. Michele has been practicing and studying this healing modality since 1982 and continues to incorporate hands-on therapeutic massage techniques, bringing her clients a deepening sense of relief from their discomforts while empowering them to bring this practice home and experience significant, tangible changes to their health and well being.


One of the in-depth fields of study is Cranio-Sacral work, which is done clothed and addresses head, neck impact, and trauma. These sessions can also be experienced in the water of the Gulf of Mexico. Effective changes are most notable in the areas of chronic pain, headaches, digestive and eliminative challenges, and edema; as well as trauma left from accidents and injury. Even in cases where surgery was necessary, the post-operative Body Work has been a game-changer in the recovery process.




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