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Advanced BioGenesis Practitioner, Denver, CO
Cranial Sacral Therapy I & II, Graduate, Upledger Institute, Boca Raton, FL
Hydrotherapy and Colonic Irrigation, Tampa, FL
Health Coach, Institute for Integrated Nutrition, New York, NY
Natural Health Coach, Provo, UT
Lypossage, New York, NY
Yoga Instructor, 200 hours, St Petersburg Yoga, FL
Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Instructor, St. Pete Beach, FL
Science of Iridology & Nutrition, Bernard Jensen, Florida


Applied Kinesiology, Tampa, FL
Art of Brainastics, Tampa, FL
Basic Sports Massage, Benny Vaughn, Tampa, FL
Foundations of Therapeutic Touch, TT Practicum, Therapeutic Touch Invitational
Mentorship Program, and Journeying to New Heights in Therapeutic Touch
Mentorship Program, Shirley Spear Begley, Integrated Health Care Systems, LLC, St Petersburg, FL
Reconnective Healing I & II, Scottsdale, AZ
Science of Intuition I & II, Caroline Myss & Norm Shealy, St Louis, MO
Sacred Contracts and Archetypes, Caroline Myss, Chicago, IL
Total Body Balance I, Upledger Institute, Boca Raton, FL

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